The Truck (Kamyon)

2017 / Drama / 13 25
» Synopsis
“In the land of prejudice, smoke definitely leads to fire.” Besim, who set out on a long interprovincial journey with the truck escrowed to him, is stuck in the middle of a deserted road in the heart of Anatolia because of an engine breakdown. His efforts to find a mechanic for the truck, fearing that it will catch on fire, becomes more and more complicated with the arrival of kids, a flock of stray sheep, a peasant with a scooter, other peasants with cars, and even more peasants with a tractor, women and the gendarme one after the other. Besim is now struggling to stay out of the fight that pulls him in insistently, where no one listens to one another, and also to find someone with a good sense who will help him with his problem.
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