3.50 Liras (3.5 Lira)

2018 / Drama / 17
» Synopsis
Salih lives in a shantytown, which is surrounded by skyscrapers with his mother. He is a market employee without any social security. He makes his living via tips that he gets when he packages and carries the bags of customers when it is demanded. He hasn’t got any regular salary from the market. Moreover he has no right of catering or transportation. When it is lunchtime he eats his own meal, which his mother prepares for him everyday. He eats in canteen occasionally if there is any plenty of food. Although he stays distant Salih has some intimate feelings to Hacer, who works as a cleaning lady in the same market. Instead of eating his own meal he eats Hacer’s meal by mistake since he took the advise of another cashier. Afterwards the market manager gives her a catering receipt which tells the amount is 3,5 Lira.
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